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About Us

We are not stating, that our dogs are the best... We do not promise, that they will be (Beauty Contest )champions... We guarantee, that they are thoroughbred natural,working dogs!

Information provided to you by us is STRICTLY ABOUT OUR BLOODLINES!

We do not speak for all Central Asians!

Our work is for the benefit of the breed is based on strict selection of our dogs,suitable for family life, with strong working qualities that will make us proud and have you and your family sleeping in peace.

It is said, that in Alabai eyes you can see the wisdom of whole Asia!

Located in Southern California USA, with over 20 years of experience of owning and training dogs of different breeds, we are happy to own and love Alabai! Several years ago we were looking for a dog to guard our home and also to defend us . We had many different breeds of dogs before: german shepherd, rottweiler... and where unhappy,so we decided to go back to out roots and get an Alabai. Alabai independence, close relations with his family, well-balance and predictive behavior, was that has touched us the most. Alabai are extremely territorial dogs, made for guard and to protect his flock. They are calm, not really lazy - just saving their energy. No barking without any serious reason. They need to be leaded decidedly and consistently.

We can recommend Alabai to everyone, who wants to have a great friend.We have put before ourselves the main task to try to keep the basic lines of the best dogs of Turkmenistan. Many modern breeds of dogs were bred artificially, by the method of crossing different breeds, and their history is less than 200 years. They appeared as a result of people’s modern demands. However, it can happen that they may be no longer required in due time and will disappear as did other breeds, that were not in demand and could not adapt to the new conditions of life and work. Time is the true judge in this regard, and the Turkmen Alabai, who passed his life test with credit, lasting for 5 thousand years, has proved it. In the context of the pedigree of the Middle Asian sheep dog, there are a lot of types of the dogs that is related to the natural habitat of the origin of the Asia.We are determined to have and to breed the powerful dog , but not overloaded, volumetric, but not raw, big, but not long legged, with well developed guarding qualities.

In our opinion, the Turkmen Alabai corresponds to this description .Therefore in the bloodline of our dogs there is the Tahmed,Gaplan, Abas, Akbai, Mosad, Kirizov's Babur, Red Elbars, Black and White Ekimen's,Kaplan (Shklyarevsky),Ak-Ekimen-II, Babur (Kyarizov), Karim (Aizenberg)and so on. We use natural stem for feeding: porridge (buckwheat and rice), meat (mutton, beef, by-products) with additives of minerals and vitamins. But we also accustom our dogs to the dry food from the early age.

All this is the plus of using the breeding of the only dogs free from the inherited defects, with the perfect mend and working features, it gives the possibility to the person,that purchased the puppy in our nursery, to devote his heart for ever, to this wonderful old breed.

The problem with people altering a dogs natural use is that it tends to cause unfunctional breeding. Meaning they are breedings based more so on a certain look then functional workabilty and proper working temperament!

Please note: if you are looking for a therapy dog, show ring dog, going to dog parks,please look else where, our Alabai is not the right breed for you!

Please join our FORUM for discussions about this wonderful breed!

Updated 02/28/ 2007 .All rights reserved .Portion or all material can not be used unless written permission were given.