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Although we are greatly flattered that so many people see us as experts and thus contact us out of the blue with no introduction what so ever, asking all kinds of questions about what to do with their dog problem, etc. etc., we only have time to support our own customers who have our pups, they get Lifetime Support.

Please do not 'lean' on us like we are some free Breed database - especially if you are not willing to do your own legwork. We are blunt and plain spoken - and we are not going to sugar coat it for you either.

And by the way, have you asked the breeder you bought your dog from the questions you are asking us????? If your breeder won't back their dog up - that's your (big) problem - not ours.....because we back our dogs and our customers up. Anyone else - you got your dog from someone other than us and now you have questions or problems or health issues etc etc etc, ??? - you made your choice. Live with it.





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