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Helpful  Advice

Let's start our talk before you buy a puppy. Too many dogs-owners to be make their decision of choosing a puppy on the spur of the moment while such extremely important thing like deciding on a human companion for 10 or 15 years should be taken more seriously. First of all, you should answer honestly the following questions. Are you really ready to all those problems that a puppy will inevitably bring onto your life (scratched furniture and foot wear, its droppings and "puddles" during a young period, a pet walking it the rain and coming back dirty, problems with a holiday, dog food and training expenses, medical care, etc)? Are you ready to work hard both physically and intellectually? Will all your family be glad to have a puppy at home? Are you sure that you will cope with a strong independent dog?

Providing you have at least one negative answer to the questions above don't hurry to buy a puppy. It's worth consulting an expert but in any case you should bear in mind that the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and its "brother" Central Asia Shepherd Dog are very specific dogs. Their difference from other dogs is based on the fact that they are not a product of human activity. First of all, you should take into account that the dogs are differentiated by their specific characters. There are fight dogs, which are quite indifferent to strangers. There are guardian dogs, which are very alert and sometimes even hostile to strangers.

Unfortunately, there are dogs (usually they are the product of a human activity) that can't confront neither dogs, nor people. Of course, it doesn't mean that a fight dog can't guard people's housing or a guard dog can't fight. But it's worth taking into account the dog's orientation. So, to make the right choice you should consult an expert.

If you have made your mind to keep a puppy and determined for sure what pedigree dog you want to buy, so there is not a lot of thing to do — choose the place to buy and choose the puppy. And many questions appear at once — what is better to buy puppy at the „flea market“, where it is possible to make a choice of several litters, to buy the puppy in one of the breed nurseries or at the private owner, which, it is a pity, is not always possible to be good specialist, of the pedigree and upbringing of dogs - oftener they are just amateur, which decided to have the posterity from their dogs. In the first case the advantages of the choice consist of that there are several litters in one place, and you can choose between the puppies of different origin, age and color. But here is the problem - crowded of the big numbering of the dogs art small area leads to concentration of different infections, mostly severe and fatal. Puppy organism does not have strong enough immunity to resist them, and a disease may show not simultaneously, but only after 7-10 days after infection, when the puppy has already got acclimatized in the house of the new owner. Besides, if in the future your nursling has any problems with the mind, behavior, figure or the origin, you will not be able to call on the owner, because he is nor living in the „flea market“ and, perhaps, was there only once in his life. In the case if you decided to buy the puppy in the owner's house or in the pedigree nursery, you will have to visit different places, before you could find the very your nursling. That, for sure, will take much more time and efforts, but you will have the possibility to see by your own eyes the puppy's parents (or the mother at least), place and conditions of their birth, and also the upbringing, and the guarantees that in the case of any problems, you will be able to ask for a help and consultation particularly to the owner of tour puppy. The safest way is to buy the puppy in the pedigree nursery. You see, here, besides all abovementioned, you could see big number of the dogs, get the detailed information about their origin, ancestors, see their achievements and prizes from the exhibitions and in training, watch videos and photos of the dogs of particularly this nursery.It is possibly, that you will be shown the puppies of the same parents of the previous litters. Besides, the nursery owners will help you with the pleasure with the advises of upbringing your puppy, as they are interested in that the dog with the name of the nursery would be correctly grown, brought up, and timely vaccinated and cleaned from the parasites. When you defined the place of purchase, there is only one step left - to choose from the heap of the babies, the one, who will live with you many years and will be the faithful friend, the guard of the house the your family, staunch fighter. If you have an acquaintance to know about the pedigree - take him with you, perhaps, you will need particularly his advice. Although, of cause, first of all, ask the owner to tell about the characters of the nurslings and clearly formulate for yourselves and for him, for what particular purpose you need the dog. The „Middle Asian“ is a multi functional dog, but it is very rarely that all functions are in the one representative of the pedigree. Do you need a guard? A friend or a companion? Staunch fighter? Nanny for children? Show-dog? Perhaps you need a dog, which combines simultaneously several functions? Who, excluding the owner, who knows the puppies from the birth, may advice you the right choice! Sure, the older puppies show the inclinations more prominent, but the 1.5-months ones show their character as well. At what age is it better to take the puppies? It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously.

The dog aged up to one year gets on easily enough with the new owner. If toy make your mind to keep the puppy of 15 month old, you will have to: feed hit 6-times a day, cleaning the room (as the puppy can not wait), all the necessary procedures and vaccinations, which must be performed timely. Undoubtly, there are some pluses - you will have the right of first choice of the puppy, as small puppies are easy to change the house, and you will be the first and the only owner for it from the early childhood. The majority of the behavior norms are trained before the first half year. Grown up puppies have the advantage that they have all the necessary veterinary procedures, strong immunity to the main diseases, there is no need to feed them often, and the figure and the character are apparent already. Abroad, the puppies are generally sold in this age. But the choice is limited, as the major part of the litter is taken by 4-th month. Small or grown puppy is the subject of your taste.But in every age the puppy must be healthy: clean, not purulent eyes, shining hair, well-fed, gay, active – this is the look of the puppy at the moment of the purchase.The most often used sign - warm and dry nose – may confuse you. After sleeping or active playing, in the state of general anxiety even the healthy puppy may have such nose. And only the specialist may determine the sticky dryness. If the puppy is flabby, slow-moving, more time spend laying and does not want to play, it may evidence, on one hand, the symptom of the disease, and , on the other hand, abnormalities of the loco motor system work. In both cases, you should not choose this puppy. The puppy happens to be active enough, easy movable, but stays apart from other sand tries to hide from you. In this case he just shows his character and, it must be mentioned, no t he worst one, as in the future particularly this dog may be a faithful, liable and fearless friend. At last! The puppy is in your house! Before its arrival, his particular place should be ready. If it is a flat, that would be bedding (not draughty, not passage and away from heaters), and bowls for water and food. If the puppy lives in the yard, the minimum is: the kennel, and better an especially built and equipped open-air cage and dishes for him to eat and drink. It would not be right to chain up the puppy! It will result in the hunched extremities and damaged psyche. Besides, it is inhumane. Let's dwell on the details of the equipping of the puppy's place. If it is bedding, it must be thick enough not to bunch, made of stuff which easy to clean and to wash, and processed against of the parasites. The open-air cage is better to build of the steel rods, as the adult animal will easily crack and untwist the mesh.

The part of the open-air cage must be covered with the roof for the dog to be outside, having the shelter from sun, rain and snow.Such part of the open-air cage would better be laid with the wood desk, where the dog may be in comfort in wet and cold weather. It is better to make the deck of the asp, as it is hard to rot. You may not make it of concrete - but is harmful for the health, it may cause arthritis, rheumatic and catarrhal diseases. Around the perimeter of the open-air cage, if there is earth ground left, it is necessary to dig in roofing slate or steel plate for 30 cm in deep, otherwise your „Asian“ will soon get how to escape, and you be worn out to burry the pits and mines. The kennel is a must, even in the case if your dog lives in the small covered open-air cage. As it the frost is strong the animal can warm only small area by its heat. The walls should be done double, lining them with the material, glassine like, that will serve as good protection from the frost and slanting rain. The kennel dimensions must take into account the future dimensions of the dog. The roof must be removable to facilitate the performance of the disinfection and processing of the inner area from the parasites. Besides, it is better to make the flat roof, that will reduce the volume of the inner area, it is more preferable during cold period of the year, and „Asians“ like laying on the roof, observing the guarding territory from above. It is better to use the bowls made of stainless steel or enameled with undamaged surface for feeding. The aluminum bowls, as well, are considered to be not bad, but aluminum may get into the water and food, and that is not good for the health of the dog.

The plastic bowls are convenient –light, easy to wash, in the frost the lips and nose of the dog will not freeze to them. But you should not leave them for a long time near the dog, as it, particularly at an early age; actively amuse itself by cracking and turning upside down such bowls. Existing opinion that the puppy, and the adult dog as well, must eat from the bowl, located on the special stand to correctly form the bearing, has not any practical grounds. It is natural for a an animal to eat from the ground level, so do all dogs in the natural habitat, and have you seen a wolf or jackal with the sagged back? Besides, feeding takes so much time to influence on the anatomy. I would not like to dwell on the details of the dog feeding in this article, as this topic is very vast, requiring particular covering in the single article. The only one to mention is that it is better to feed with the ready forage (dried or tined), or make ration by yourselves of the natural forage, not mixing these two type of feeding. If you decide to feed with the ready forages, it is better to prefer the forages of the class „super premium“, picking it up accordingly to the age, weight and metabolism of your dog. Otherwise, you will save on the health of your nursling! When feeding with the natural forages it is necessary to balance exactly the ration especially during the period of the active growth of the puppy, using the corresponding vitamin and mineral and biologically active additives at each period of the life of the dog. What else? Just to wish you luck in growing and bringing up of your liable and faithful friend!

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