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When we first moved to our ranch, we have decided to get some sheep to help us with our brush. We have purchased few from the breeder. Later we wanted to get more and we decided to rescue livestock and giving them their forever home here at our ranch or getting them back in good shape to re home in to proper environment. This new experience extended much further and in time we had pot belly pigs,chickens and so on. We really love our animals and feel very fortunate by sharing our home with them.

our painted desert sheep


Fire Fly

Striking color, ease of lambing, docile nature, magnificent horn growth, all combine to make this beautiful hair sheep highly desirable.

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Our Pigs

Wilbur Sleeping
Wilbur with Byagul
Wilbur and Masha
Wilbur Loves Watermelon

Our Emus

Recently we came across some Emus that were looking for a new home it took us 3 weeks to arrange and 3 hours to corral them from 4 acre hillside lot (That was something ) Now we have Four beautiful free ranging Emus on our ranch :)

Emu are often thought to dangerous and aggressive creatures, but I have found that mostly untrue . They are very inquisitive and social creatures that just happen to look like a dinosaur and react on instinct like most prey animals. Not saying those three big toes that hold very sharp claws are not dangerous, but Emu in general do not go slashing feet around without reason. Emu use those claws as protection and will stomp or kick out at anything they see as a threat, but their beak seems more the business end when dealing with a pet Emu. 

An Emu's beak has a hardened tip with almost serrated edges carved at an angle on the inside edges. They use these as teeth in a sense, for tearing and holding grasses, small reptiles and the occasional shiny object they confiscate from the distracted visitor. Emu also use their beaks to investigate things. They can be very careful and softly pick up or peck at an object or they can be very strong and quickly grab something and lock on. It is after all the only way to pick up things if you're an Emu.

The eyes of the Emu are big ,brown an expressive. They are sight animals and extend their long necks upward to view things at a good distance. Their long eyelashes help keep out dirt and debris and shade their eyes from the sun. You can tell a lot about an Emu's attitude and mood by their eyes.

Emu Emus
adam Frieds_feeding_emus
adam emu

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